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The 5 Most Important Event Management Skills

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30 Aug The 5 Most Important Event Management Skills

Without doubt, event co-ordination can be an extremely rewarding job. There is no better feeling than seeing a plan come together and knowing you played a key role in the flawless execution of an ambitious project.

As rewarding as it is, it is also extremely stressful with the pressure cooker environment of events demanding cool heads who are resourceful in a number of key areas. When analysing how to plan an event – we came up with 5 event management skills that are essential for the successful coordinating of an event.


Take a look at an event co-ordinator’s desk and you will see heaps of files, post-it notes and coffee stains. There is very little time to sit down and colour code their filing and keep their work space tidy. However, internally, they know where everything is, where everyone needs to be and what needs to be done.

Problems occur when it comes to collaborating and sharing plans which is impossible when everything is in your head. The availability of easy to use online event planning software facilitates co-ordinators to plan more efficiently and collaboratively.

Composure under Pressure

Murphy’s Law applies to all events – something will go wrong. While a well organised co-ordinator will have prepared for some disasters, they can’t foresee all problems and must accept the fact that something will happen that nobody has prepared for.

Less of a skill and more of a character trait, the ability to remain cool under pressure is a quality that is essential when the shit hits the fan. This can come with experience however, some people are just blessed with nerves of steel. No matter how big a disaster, they have the composure to see a solution.

Ability to Listen

Good diplomacy is at the core of organising large projects and the ability to listen and understand the needs of others is one of the most overlooked event management skills when considering the qualities of a good event co-ordinator.

There are certain dictatorial traits found in many event co-ordinators that can often be detrimental to their ability organise a satisfactory event. A good listener ensures that clients can receive better customer service and that conflicts can get resolved quicker.

Attention to Detail

There is one simple truth that applies to every event – the show always goes ahead. This axiom often leads to many corners being cut as the event gets closer. However, what sets many event organisers apart is their attention to detail and their refusal to take any short cuts when it’s avoidable.

They understand that the little things matter to the client. The fewer corners cut, the happier the client and a happy client is a returning client which is why attention to detail is an extremely essential event management skill.


It is important that event co-ordinators execute a plan to the letter of how it has been laid out to them. While this implies a clinical approach must be taken, this does not mean that co-ordinators must remove imagination to their approach.

Creative directors are an imaginative bunch and co-ordinators must be on par with their vision. Having a good imagination allows them to understand exactly what they need co-ordinate everyone efficiently in a way that makes a creative vision come to life as it was conceived.

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